Oneida ON-AXS001160B Viper Vacuum Scraper Paint Removal Tool

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Oneida ON-AXS001160B Viper Vacuum Scraper Paint Removal Tool


Ergonomic hand scraping tool with high-textured grip and reversible tungsten-carbide blade. Collects chips and debris at the source, safely containing them in your wet/dry vacuum and eliminating downtime for cleanup. Ideal for ANY scraping project e.g. paint, wood, glue, wax, mold, stucco, floors, boats, etc.

No matter what you're scraping, no one likes dealing with the mess afterwords. With our new Viper Vacuum Scraper tool you'll never worry about cleaning up chips and shavings! Our patent pending tool connects directly to your wet/dry vacuum's hose, automatically collecting debris at the source, eliminating downtime for cleanup!

Scraping is made easy thanks to the Viper's lightweight, ergonomic design, and highly textured grip. This tool is molded from a fiberglass reinforced nylon material, the same used for modern rifle stocks, ensuring that this tool can handle even the toughest jobs!

Each Viper Scraper includes a reversible Tungsten Carbide blade that retains its razor sharp edge and requires minimal sharpening.