Festool FES-204922 Tapered Braided Sleeve Antistatic Hose, 27mm X 3.5m AS/CTR

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For cleaning tasks with CT dust extractors
not suitable for dust extractors with AUTOCLEAN

Items includes:

  • In Carton

Smooth and even more effortless – for perfect sliding over the surface.

  • Robust, smooth outer skin prevents the suction hose from becoming caught
  • Internal, extremely elastic suction hose for maximum flexibility
  • Conical geometry (27 mm to 32 mm) for improved suction power
  • The CLEANTEC extraction sleeve securely connects the suction hose and power tool with bayonet fitting
  • With RFID chip for automatic suction hose detection
  • The initial piece and end piece of two suction hoses can be connected by inserting one into the other, therefore transforming two hoses into a single long one
  • The initial piece and end piece of a hose can be slotted together for transport – this keeps any remaining dust in the hose
  • antistatic
  • temperature-resistant to +70 °C
  • with rotating adapter and connector
  • smooth
  • Conical

Product highlights

Convenient and safe:

Work without interruptions and without the suction hose becoming caught. With an extremely robust, smooth outer skin and a well-protected yet elastic suction hose beneath it. For optimum handling in any tool application.

Achieve ideal results more quickly:

Improved dust extraction, faster progress when working – the geometry of the suction hose reduces friction in the hose, thereby increasing the air flow rate and therefore the suction power.

Systems get it done:

The new CLEANTEC extraction sleeve with integrated bayonet fitting ensures a completely reliable connection to the power tool.

Product details

Smooth exterior:
The smooth outer skin and the flexible extractor hose on the inside ensure perfect sliding without becoming caught.

Ideal for clean transportation:
The initial piece and end piece of a hose can be slotted together for transport – this keeps any remaining dust in the hose.

Conical geometry for improved suction:
Reduced friction, increased air flow rate and better extraction as a result.

Simple remote controlled extraction:
In combination with the Bluetooth module for the CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor, the remote control enables the extractor to be switched on directly on the suction hose (available as an accessory).

Automatic suction hose detection:
The RFID chip on the rotating adapter allows the CTM MIDI to automatically adjust to the correct suction hose diameter.

Technical Data:

Diameter: 27/ 32 mm
Length: 5.00 m
Bleeder resistor (DIN IEC 312): <1 MΩ/m