Vendor Outside Links

Here is a list of Atlas Machinery's vendors. If you can't find a product on our website made by a company listed below, contact us with a model number and brief description to receive pricing and availability info.

Vendor Description
Adjustable Clamp Co. Jorgensen® handscrews, Pony® pipe clamps, Adjustable® C-clamps clamps, etc.
Arrow Fastener Company Inc. Hand-operated and electric staple/nail guns, staples, etc.
Bahco Files, hand saws, pliers, etc. (Formerly Sandvik hand tools)
Bessey Bessey®, Kant-Twist®, K-Body® clamps, etc.
Bex Pneumatic fastening tools, etc.
Black Jack Co. Woodworking accessories including pocket jigs, saw/router straight guides, clamps, etc.
Bondhus Co. Balldriver® hex wrenches, etc.
Bosch Inc., Robert Corded and cordless power tools and accessories.
Calculated Industries Inc. Construction calculators (i.e. Construction Master Pro®)
Channellock Inc. Pliers including tongue & groove, GRIPLock®, etc.
Collin Tool Co. Woodworking tools for fine joint work.
Cooper Tools Inc. Wiss®, Xcelite®, Plumb®, Nicholson®, H.K. Porter®, Lufkin®, Weller®, Crescent®, etc.
CMT Woodworking router bits, saw blades, drilling bits, etc.
Crispo Canada Pneumatic tools and fasteners.
Delta Machinery Woodworking machinery.
DeWalt Power tools, cordless tools, woodworking machinery, accessories
Dimar Canada Ltd. Carbide router bits, saw blades, drill bits, etc.
DMT Inc. Diamond sharpening products.
Dormer Tools/Precision Twist HSS and carbide drill bits, drill sets, reamers, countersinks, endmills, taps, dies, etc.
Dremel Rotary hand tools, accessories, etc.
Drill Doctor Drill bit sharpening systems.
Edward H Pope Industrial product distributor including Vlier leveling feet, Walton tap/screw extractors, Young Bros. metal stamps, Sexton safety glasses, Markal
Eklind Tool Co. Hex keys, etc.
Estwing Manufacturing Co. Nail hammers, axes, hatchets, prybars, geological tools, roofing tools, chisels, etc.
Excalibur by General International Scrollsaws, sliding tables, rip fences, workshop accessories.
Fein GmbH & Co. MultiMaster® tools, vacuums, sanders, grinders, router.
Festool Canada Premium quality power tools and accessories.
Freud TMM Inc. Router bits, saw blades, shaper cutters, power tools, etc.
Footprint Tools Woodworking hand tools, cold/masonry chisels, arch punches, hammers, etc.
Fuller Screwdrivers, driver bits, etc.
Gray Wrenches, sockets, pliers, etc.
General Manufacturing Co. Canadian-made woodworking machinery and accessories
General International Off-shore woodworking and metalworking machinery and accessories
General Tools Manufacturing Co. Woodworking, machinist, and mechanical handtools.
Grobet USA Precision hand tools including jewlery tools, files, dental, etc.
Gross Stabil Corp. Wood and metalworking clamps, etc.
Heimann Manufacturing Transfer screws.
Hitachi Koki Canada Corded and cordless power tools and accessories.
Huot Manufacturing Drill index boxes, etc.
Irwin Industrial Tools Vice-Grip, Quick-Grip, Unibit, Hanson, etc.
J. A. M. Taylor Tool Co. Custom and hard to find taps and dies, reamers, etc.
Jessem Tool Co. Router lifts and accessories.
Jet Equipment and Tools Ltd./ITC Mechanical, hand, pneumatic, and diamond tools and machinery.
Johnson Level and Tool Co. Levels, squares and other woodworking hand tools.
Kar Industrial Precision metalworking tooling.
King Canada Wood and metalworking machinery.
Komelon Corp. Tape measures, etc.
Kreg Tool Pocket hole jigs, router tables and accessories.
Kuny's Leather Manufacturing Company Ltd. Leather tool and nail pouches, suspenders, belts, etc.
Leatherman Tool Group Inc. Multi-tool pliers.
Leeson Electric Corp. TEFC motors.
Lockwood Products Inc. Loc-Line® modular hose systems.
Madison Industrail Group Tiger® chain hoists.
Makita Canada Inc. Corded and cordless power tools and accessories.
Metabo Corded and cordless power tools and accessories.
Miniature Thread Specialists Miniature taps and dies.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. Corded and cordless power tools and accessories.
Mirka Abrasives Coated abrasives for dust-free sanding.
Mitutoyo America Corp. Precision measuring tools.
Monroe Fluid Technology Cutting and grinding fluids including Cool-Tool II® tapping fluid.
MTE Magnetic starters, etc.
National Detroit Pneumatic sanders and buffers
Occidental Leather Leather tool belts, pouches, suspenders, bags, etc. Fantastic quality.
Onward Cluthe Hardware Products Screwdrivers, file handles, etc.
OLFA Cutters, knives, blades and accessories.
Pacific Laser Systems Laser distance finders and levels.
Panasonic Canada Inc. Cordless power tools and accessories.
Picquic Tool Company Inc. Screwdrivers and screwdriver accessories.
PMMI International Ltd. SuperCut® grinder disc.
Porta-Nails Inc. Hardwood floor fastening tools, etc.
Porter-Cable Corp. Corded and cordless power tools and accessories, pneumatic tools and accessories.
Precision Twist Drill/Dormer Tools HSS and carbide drill bits, drill sets, reamers, countersinks, endmills, taps, dies, etc.
Rectus Pneumatic fittings.
Relton Corp. Carbide drill bits for mansonry and steel, etc.
RK Compressors Industrial compressors.
Roto Zip Tool Corp. Rotary hand tools.
SAIT/United Abrasives Inc. Abrasive grinding and metal/wood finishing products.
Samona International Workshop and handtool accessories, pneumatic tools and accessories.
Sandvik Hand Tools (See: Bahco)  
SawStop LLC Table saws featuring a unique blade brake mechanism to prevent saw blade accidents.
Shark Corp. SharkSaw® saws, SharkGrip® prybars, etc.
Sherline Products Inc. Miniature lathe, mill and machine tool products.
Shop-Vac Canada Ltd. Shop-Vac® vacuums and accessories.
Silky Saws Folding and pole saws.
Skil Power Tools Corded and cordless power tools and accessories including worm drive circular saws.
Snickers Workwear Pants, vests, pouches, kneepads. Ergonomic clothing designed specially for work.
SOWA Tool and Machine Co. Ltd. Precision metalworking tooling.
Stabila Box-beam, torpedo, laser, mason's and magnetic levels.
Stanley Hand Tools Stanley® hand tools, FatMax® tapes, etc.
Starrett Co., L. S. Precision measuring and machinist hand tools.
Super-Ego Pipe tools.
Stiletto Tools Titanium and steel hammers, pry bars, axes, etc.
Taunton Press Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding magazines
Thor Hammer Company Ltd. Soft-faced (raw-hide, plastic, rubber, aluminum, copper) hammers and mallets.
Topring Pneumatic fittings.
Tormek Tool sharpening machines.
Ullman Devices Specialty inspection, assembly and magnetic pick-up tools, etc.
Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing Co. Ergonomic claw hammers, axes, etc.
Vega Industries Inc. Driver bits and socket adapters
Vlier Leveling devices, sping loaded devices, etc.
Wiha Tools Canada Precision and specialty screw driving tools including the Magic Ring® hex drivers.
Young Bros. Stamp Works Inc. Letter stamps, etc.
Zircon Corp. Electronic stud locators, water levels, etc.