15 Piece 150mm Platin2 Super Finish Starter Kit

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15 Piece 150mm Platin2 Super Finish Starter Kit
150mm Kit for the RO150 and ETS150.

This is a custom 15 pack of the following grits of Platin 2 (High Gloss/Polish) Festool Abrasives:

3 x 400
3 x 500
3 x 1000
3 x 2000
3 x 4000

The Purpose of this starter kit is to put you on track to your high gloss finishes. Through this sample of what is necessary to work your way to 4000 grit this kit can make any material from wood to plastic shine and gloss without any coating or help. 

Compatible with Festool ES 150, ETS 150, Rotex RO 150 and any other 6-inch sanders. Platin 2 grit abrasives are for fine-finish applications, A foam-backed, silicone carbide based abrasive with a stearate coating, Platin 2 was specially developed for high-gloss finishes on closed surface materials such as solid surface, plastics and fiberglass, as well as fillers and finishes. Ideal abrasive for super-fine finish on fillers, finish coats, solid surface, fiberglass and plastics. All Festool abrasives are engineered and manufactured to strict FEPA standards, guaranteeing uniform abrasive positioning and consistent sanding results. Festool offers a fully integrated sanding solution for all your applications, from aggressive stock removal to superfine, finish sanding.