Parallel Guide System For Incra T-Track Plus

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Parallel Guide System For Incra T-Track Plus
The Seneca Woodworking Parallel Guide System is a set of machined aluminum components designed to work with Incra brand T-Track Plus rails of any length. When used in conjunction with the Festool Guide Rail System, this setup will allow you to make consistent rip cuts parallel to the cut line, using the two adjustable rail stops
The Narrow Stock Adapters make it possible to accurately rip stock with very narrow dimensions. We've updated these adapters to now be adjustable from the top side of the Incra T-Track and direct read from the Incra scale with some simple math.

The Rail bracket adapters make it possible to attach any length of Incra T-Track Plus to the Festool Guide Rail, Increasing your options for ripping stock.

All three main components of the system are precision machined from aluminum and anodized black. The Slider Mount adapters are un-anodized.

Included in this set:

-Two (2) Rail Bracket Adapters (for attaching Incra T-Track Plus to the Festool guide rail)
-Two (2) Adjustable Rail Stops
-Two (2) Interlocking Narrow Stock Adapters (adjustable from top of Incra T-Track)
-Two (2) machined "slider mount" adapters for attaching the Narrow Stock Adapters to the T-Track
-all necessary knobs and hardware

*Incra T-Track Plus rails NOT included* - Since individual users' preferences vary. Incra T-Track rails are available in lengths of 18", 24", 36", and 48"

Our system will allow you to rip material with a width equal to the length of your Incra T-Track plus an additional 7" (this accounts for the additional width of the guide rail and the portions of the T-Track that are "lost" because the Rail stops need something to clamp on to). So for example, with a pair of 18" Incra T-Track's you should be able to make rip cuts up to 25" wide.