Hot Dog For MFT - 2 Pack

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Hot Dog For MFT - 2 Pack

These bench dogs really help the craftsperson produce quality work involving cuts and fits of extreme accuracy. They help limit movement – so necessary in producing quality finished work. Aligning a saw guide rail to small work pieces is fast if you don't have the work piece moving around.

  • The bench dogs have a very smooth finish and are hard anodized.
  • The large flat surface keeps marring wood to a minimum.
  • These bench dogs can be used for aligning jigs if 1 inch holes are drilled at appropriate places in the jig.
  • Our bench dogs fit snugly into the 20mm holes of Festool's MFT work tables.

Hard Anodized 20mm x4” Bench Dog with 1/4NC Bolt Hole and Bolt
Use for aligning saw track to Festool MFT