Festool Anti-Static 36mm to 27mm Hose Adapter

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Festool Anti-Static 36mm to 27mm Hose Adapter

436227, Festool 36mm to 27mm hose adapter

This is an adapter that will allow your 36mm hose to be used with your 27mm tools without switching hoses. Just carry your 36mm hose and the adapter!

This handy accessory consists of two rotating connectors and a piece of 10-12" of anti-static 27mm hose.

Are you sick of switching hoses? Don't want to carry two hoses?

Have you ever had your 36mm hose attached to your vac and wanted to plug in your jigsaw, sander or OF1010? Do not want to dis-connect your hose and switch back to the 27mm hose?

Or do you currently have a Festool BOOM ARM with a 27mm hose and would like better dust collection but you don't want to hook up your 36mm hose because you won't be able to use your sanders?

With this adapter you can carry/use your 36mm hose only and when wanting to use 27mm tools just put this on your 36mm hose.

Problem solved!